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Mini #1:  This smaller package includes Friday night
accommodations, a mini goodie bag, and meals
(supper and dessert on Friday, light breakfast, lunch,
supper and dessert on Saturday).

Prices:  $210 (single), $160 (double)
  $130 (triple), $120 (quad)
Mini #2:  This smaller package includes
Saturday night accommodations, a mini goodie
bag, and meals (lunch, supper and dessert on
Saturday, light breakfast, and snack on Sunday).

Prices:  $210 (single), $160 (double)
 $130 (triple), $120 (quad)
Day Crop Only:  For those of you who can't
stay overnight, you can still join us for a great
day of cropping.  This package includes meals
for whichever day you are attending and a mini
goodie bag.

Prices:  $60 (Friday or Saturday)
  $30 (Sunday)
No Frills Thursday:  For those of you who
want to start early, we are offering a Thursday
"No Frills" Night.  For just
$20, you can join us
starting on Thursday night at 5:00.  It is no frills
because we will be busy setting up and we will
NOT provide dinner (but will have some
snacks).  You can also add a room for
regardless of occupancy.